Bank robbery scene (JOKER) – Dark Knight (2008) Movie CLIP HD


  1. Shane Havens - Reply

    Damn….I remember no one knew what the Joker was going to look like in this film. They didn't show his face anywhere other than subtle marketing which was mainly drawings of a red-bloody smile. It was at this very moment where the anticipation of how he actually looked was displayed. Fucking legendary.

  2. BAT-TALK! - Reply

    People asking “nobody noticed the bus leaving the bank like that?!”

    Well there are kids around and you can hear the units

  3. tayron27 - Reply

    Apparently William Fichnter (bank manager) was shocked for real as it was the first time he saw Heaths makeup. Gotta admit this is one of my favorite parts

  4. MarioCooper - Reply

    Kind of crazy Joker just killed his own lackeys during the robbery. He probably intimidated the other guy before the heist which is why he started killing his own guys thinking they would kill him afterwards.

  5. Dio Brando - Reply

    Random robber n1:no he told me to kill the bus driver… Random robber nm2 what bus driver?:bus crashes through the wall

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