Swann 1080p wireless smart security camera review


  1. fujitsubo - Reply

    that camera is a fucking heap of shit, was unable to get 3 of them to pair to the swann app on iphone or android, even swapped wifi routers out still couldn't pair them to my account, spoke with swann support, so basically a trained monkey with a script in a call centre in the Philippines who also couldnt work out why it was not working. i gave up and sent this shit back.

  2. Lachhuman Rana - Reply

    Bought this camera a year ago. Not very impressed with Swann app. It takes good few seconds or even minutes to view live feed. Required strong internet to run this camera.

  3. Michał Belecki - Reply

    I have one question, because I watched all yours videos with swann cameras ( heat detector ones ), I know you record one video (for all of cameras) how the app looks like, but which camera exactly was used for this video I mean the real video from which camera ?

  4. POLLYFODDER - Reply

    Do not buy Swann SHODDY!
    Full of blur problems and you need a magnifying glass to see the mouse cursor on the screen.
    Their customer support is a joke to, yougive them your phone number all the time and one still goes the repetative process of having totell them your model number etc etc etc.
    They have caused me alot of stress with their model DVR8-4780.

  5. metal Damien - Reply

    HMU on Instagram @metaldamien lol I appreciate your videos Hi I've been watching all your videos on the Canon HFR 800 and have bought one and a lot of accessories that you have talked about I would like to talk to you more please hit me up on that Instagram

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